Open Gate Brewery

When asked to create a look and feel for a potential new Open Gate Brewery product, I was inspired by the playfulness of Guinness and the strong community that surrounds it. My work was particularly influenced by the 1994 Guinness advert ‘Anticipation’. In the ad, Joe McKinney orders a pint of Guinness and, while waiting for the pint to be poured, carries out a series of dance movements with the settling pint in the foreground, to the amusement of the barman. I started to contemplate this famous Guinness advert in relation to contemporary social culture in Dublin and created an outcome that is inspired by the two ideas in equal parts. The objective of this brief was to create a fun, playful and colourful design for Open Gate Brewery.

Within this brief I was also asked to create a piece of apparel to promote the branding. I chose to bring the dancing figures to life in the form of acryllic jewellery.

2018 — Dublin, Ireland.