Design West
    Level 9 Course
    Poster Outcome
    Design West is a two week international summer design school located in Letterfrack, Connemara. I was accepted to participate in it’s inaugural year this summer. During my time there, I was inspired by the location and it’s history. I produced various pieces of work in response to research based around the impact of anglicisation. Anglicisation took the meaning out of the Irish language.
    I created a series of posters in response to the name Letterfrack, which originated as Leitir Fraic, but lost three i’s through anglicisation, which deprives it of its original meaning, ‘The Speckled Hill’.
    I created a physical ‘I’ out of perspex to put back into the environment, and created a series of posters from the photographs. I also experimented with incorporating type into found materials in the environment.

Annie Moriarty 2019 — Dublin, Ireland